China factory Genuine Isf2.8 Isf3.8 Diesel Engine Parts 3905427 Flywheel Ring Gear for CZPT gear ratio calculator

Product Description

Product Description

Genuine ISF2.8 ISF3.8 Diesel Engine Parts 39571 Flywheel Ring Gear For Cummins

Product Name Flywheel Ring Gear
Part Number 39571
Packing Original Packing
Application Construction machinery diesel engine part
After-Service Strict test before shipment/fast delivery


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ZheJiang CHINAMFG Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Hongjun) is the chinese leading one-stop supplier of spare parts for heavy machinery, marine and heavy trucks! Based on its extensive network , CHINAMFG is able to provide the most satisfying one-stop service for its customers!

                                          CHINAMFG supply spare parts for

                                          2.Truck crance
                                          3.Mining truck
                                          4.Concrete pump

                                         We can supply spare parts for all bellowing Cumming models:

                                              B Series:
                                              B3.3(Tier 4 Interim)         B3.3(Tier 2)                  B3.3(Tier 3)                     B3.9CS4   
                                              B3.9                                B4.5(Stage V)               B5.9(Tier 2)                     B5.9CS4              
                                              B6.2                                B6.7(Stage V)               B6.7CS4                         B7                     
                                              B Series (Tier 2)             4B3.3   
                                              C Series:
                                              C8.3(Tier 2)
                                              D Series:
                                              D4.5                                D6.7
                                              F Series:
                                              F2.5                                F3.8(Stage V)
                                              I Series:
                                              K Series:
                                              L Series:
                                              L8.9                                L9 (Stage V)                  L9 Plus                           L9.3    
                                              M Series:
                                              M11                               M12                                 M14CS4                         M15        
                                              M15 Plus  
                                              N Series:
                                              N14 Plus                       NT
                                              Q Series:
                                              QSX11.9 (Tier 4 Interim)               QSX15 (Tier 4 Final/Sate IV)               QSX15 (Tier 4 Interim)                  
                                              QSG12 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV)      QSLP (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV)               QSLP (Tier 4 Interim)
                                              QSB3.3 (Tier 4 Interim)                 QSB3.3 (Tier 3)                                    QSB6.7 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV)     
                                              QSB4.5 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV)     QSB6.7 (Tier 4 Interim)                        QSB4.5 (Tier 4 Interim)                 
                                              QSB4.5 ( Tier 3)                            QSB4.5                                                QSB5.9
                                              QSB6.7 (Tier 3)                             QSB6.7                                                QSB7  
                                              QSF3.8 (Tier 4 Final/State IV)      QSF2.8 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV)             QSK19 (Tier 3)                              
                                              QSK (Tier 3)                                  QSL (Tier 3)                                         QSL (Tier 2)  
                                              QSL9 (Tier 4 Interim)                    QSL9.3   QSL9 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV) QSC                                             
                                              QSC8.3  QSC (Tier 3)                   QST30 (Tier 2)                                     QSK23 (Tier 2)                             
                                              QSK19 (Tier 2)                              QSK(Tier 2)                                          QSM (Tier 2)                                          
                                              QSM (Tier 3)                                 QSM11                                                  QSNT                                         
                                              QSK19                                          QSX (Tier 2)
                                                      X Series: 
                                              X12 (2571)                 X12 (2571)                    X12 (Stage V)                X15 (Stage V) 
                                              P Series:
                                              Power Units-Stage V

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After-sales Service: Support
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Flywheel Ring Gear
Application: Construction Diesel Engine
Certification: CE, CCC
Condition: New


Customized Request

ring gear

What is the purpose of using ring gears in machinery?

Ring gears serve multiple purposes and offer various advantages when used in machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation of the purpose of using ring gears:

  • Power Transmission: One of the primary purposes of ring gears in machinery is to facilitate power transmission. Ring gears, along with other meshing gears, transmit torque and rotational motion from the driving gear to the driven components or systems. They enable the transfer of power from a power source to various parts of the machinery, driving the movement and operation of different mechanisms and processes.
  • Gear Ratio Control: Ring gears allow for precise control over the gear ratio in machinery. By adjusting the size of the ring gear and its meshing gears, different gear ratios can be achieved. Gear ratios determine the relationship between the rotational speeds and torques of the driving and driven gears. This ability to control the gear ratio enables machinery to operate at desired speeds, optimize torque output, and adapt to specific application requirements.
  • Mechanical Advantage: Ring gears provide a mechanical advantage in machinery. By leveraging the gear ratio control mentioned above, ring gears can amplify or reduce the torque output of the power source. This mechanical advantage allows machinery to generate higher forces or torques than the original power source alone. It enables the machinery to handle heavy loads, perform tasks requiring significant force, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Load Distribution: Ring gears contribute to load distribution within machinery. The meshing teeth of the ring gear engage with multiple teeth of other gears, distributing the transmitted loads across these meshing points. This load distribution helps prevent excessive stress concentration on specific gear teeth, ensuring even wear and reducing the risk of gear failure. By distributing the load, ring gears enhance the overall durability and reliability of the machinery.
  • Motion Control: Ring gears play a crucial role in motion control within machinery. By transmitting rotational motion, ring gears enable precise movement and synchronization of various components and mechanisms. They ensure that different parts of the machinery operate in a coordinated manner, allowing for smooth and controlled motion. Ring gears contribute to accurate positioning, speed regulation, and overall motion precision in machinery.
  • Compact Design: Ring gears offer a compact design solution. Due to their annular shape, they can be integrated into machinery with limited space. The compactness of ring gears is particularly beneficial in applications where space constraints are a concern. Their small footprint allows for efficient use of available space, enabling the design of more compact and lightweight machinery without sacrificing power transmission capabilities.
  • Versatile Applications: Ring gears find wide applications across various industries and machinery types. They are used in automotive transmissions, industrial machinery, robotics, aerospace systems, power generation equipment, and more. The versatility of ring gears stems from the ability to configure them in different types, such as external or internal ring gears, helical gears, or bevel gears. This versatility makes ring gears adaptable to a wide range of machinery designs and requirements.

By serving these purposes, ring gears contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of machinery. They enable power transmission, gear ratio control, mechanical advantage, load distribution, motion control, and compact design, making them essential components in various mechanical systems.

ring gear

Can you provide examples of machinery that use ring gears?

Machinery in various industries utilize ring gears for different applications. Here are some examples of machinery that commonly use ring gears:

  • Automotive Transmissions: Ring gears are an integral part of automotive transmissions. They are used in automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and dual-clutch transmissions. Ring gears help transmit power from the engine to the wheels by engaging with the pinion gear or other associated gears.
  • Industrial Gearboxes: Ring gears are extensively used in industrial gearboxes, which are employed in a wide range of applications. Gearboxes in industries such as manufacturing, mining, construction, and energy generation use ring gears to transmit power and control rotational speed. They provide torque multiplication and speed reduction or increase as required by the specific machinery.
  • Wind Turbines: Ring gears are crucial components in wind turbines. They are used in the main gearbox to convert the rotational motion of the wind turbine blades into electrical power. The ring gear connects the rotor shaft to the generator, enabling the transmission and conversion of the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Rotary Tables: Rotary tables are used in machining operations to provide precise positioning and rotational movement. They are commonly found in milling machines, drilling machines, and machining centers. Ring gears are employed in the rotary tables to enable smooth and accurate rotation, allowing for precise machining and indexing of workpieces.
  • Printing Presses: Printing presses, particularly those used for high-speed commercial printing, often incorporate ring gears. Ring gears help drive the paper feed mechanisms and synchronize the movement of various components, ensuring precise control and alignment during the printing process.
  • Excavators and Earthmoving Equipment: Large construction machinery, such as excavators and earthmoving equipment, rely on ring gears for their hydraulic systems. Ring gears enable the rotation and control of the excavator’s superstructure, including the boom, arm, and bucket. They provide the necessary power and torque for efficient digging, lifting, and material handling.
  • Conveyor Systems: Ring gears are utilized in conveyor systems, which are widely used in industries for material handling and transportation. They are often employed in large-scale conveyors to drive the pulleys and facilitate the movement of heavy loads along the conveyor belts. Ring gears ensure smooth and reliable operation of the conveyor systems.
  • Robotics and Automation: Ring gears find applications in robotics and automation systems. They are used in robotic arms and joints to enable precise and controlled movement. Ring gears provide the necessary torque and rotational capabilities for various robotic applications, including assembly, pick-and-place operations, and material manipulation.

These examples represent just a few of the many machinery and equipment types that utilize ring gears. The versatility and reliability of ring gears make them essential components in various industries, where they play a crucial role in transmitting power, controlling movement, and ensuring efficient operation of machinery.

ring gear

What are the applications of ring gears?

Ring gears, also known as annular gears or internal gears, have a wide range of applications across various industries and mechanical systems. Here’s a detailed explanation of the applications of ring gears:

Ring gears are commonly used in numerous applications where rotational motion, torque transmission, and load distribution are essential. The unique design and characteristics of ring gears make them suitable for a variety of mechanical systems. Here are some common applications of ring gears:

  • Automotive Transmissions: Ring gears are extensively used in automotive transmissions, particularly in automatic and manual transmissions. They are part of the gear train that transfers rotational motion and torque from the engine to the wheels. Ring gears in automotive applications are typically large in size and designed to handle high torque loads.
  • Differential Systems: Ring gears play a crucial role in differential systems found in vehicles. The differential assembly allows the wheels on an axle to rotate at different speeds while distributing torque evenly. Ring gears form an integral part of the differential assembly, enabling torque transfer and speed differentiation between the drive wheels.
  • Planetary Gear Systems: Ring gears are a fundamental component in planetary gear systems, which are widely used in various applications. Planetary gear systems consist of a central sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear. The ring gear serves as the outer ring that meshes with the planet gears and the sun gear. Planetary gear systems offer high gear ratios, compactness, and versatility, making them suitable for applications such as automotive transmissions, industrial machinery, and aerospace systems.
  • Industrial Machinery: Ring gears find extensive use in industrial machinery for power transmission, motion control, and speed regulation. They are employed in equipment such as gearboxes, speed reducers, hoists, conveyors, and rotary tables. Ring gears enable efficient torque transmission, precise motion control, and load distribution in these industrial applications.
  • Robotics and Automation: Ring gears are utilized in robotics and automation systems for precise motion control and synchronization. They can be found in robotic arms, automated assembly lines, CNC machines, and other robotic applications where accurate positioning and precise motion are critical. Ring gears provide the necessary torque transmission and gear reduction required for precise robotic movements.
  • Power Generation: Ring gears are used in power generation equipment, such as wind turbines and hydroelectric generators. They form part of the gearboxes that convert the rotational motion of the turbine or generator rotor into electrical energy. Ring gears in power generation applications need to handle high torque loads, operate reliably, and provide efficient power transmission.
  • Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment: Ring gears are employed in heavy machinery and construction equipment, including excavators, cranes, mining equipment, and agricultural machinery. They facilitate the transmission of power and torque for various functions, such as lifting, digging, and material handling. Ring gears in these applications are designed to withstand high loads, rugged environments, and demanding operating conditions.

These are just a few examples of the applications of ring gears. Their versatility, load-carrying capacity, compact design, and ability to achieve high gear ratios make them suitable for a wide range of mechanical systems across industries.

The specific design, size, and material selection of ring gears may vary depending on the application requirements, operating conditions, and performance specifications.

China factory Genuine Isf2.8 Isf3.8 Diesel Engine Parts 3905427 Flywheel Ring Gear for CZPT gear ratio calculatorChina factory Genuine Isf2.8 Isf3.8 Diesel Engine Parts 3905427 Flywheel Ring Gear for CZPT gear ratio calculator
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