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planetary reduction drive, which can supply a lot of speed reduction and torque in a system and the planet carrier shaft drives at excessive speed, while the reduction issues from the sun gears. Ever-Electric power planetary drive supplys Large torque and with a compact structure. Product Range Ratio:5~1400. Torque:0.46~736kNm. Item Features.
The general precision planetary reduction drive is employed for low-swiftness and high-torque transmission equipment, and the motor, the inner combustion engine or other high-quickness running power is meshed with the gears on the input shaft of the apparatus reduction drive to mesh the significant gears in the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration. Ordinary speed gear reduction drive s will also have many pairs of identical theory gears to attain the desired deceleration effect, the ratio of the quantity of teeth of the significant and small gears may be the transmitting ratio. The Accuracy planetary reduction drive is a power transmitting mechanism that runs on the gear quickness converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the electric motor to a desired quantity of revolutions and acquire a mechanism of a huge torque.
Ever-Power Series planetary lowering drive (01~8) , in employing for Series Port Tools, Mixer Planetary, of the center section planetary gears allowing Planetary decrease drive, swing and track drive applications become accommodated through output plans. With units available in many ratios, sizes, and components, Our planetary lowering drive can be used singly or in combination to meet practically any reduction requirement.
The role of the gear reduction drive, An commercial planetary reduction drive was selected and installed in the market machines, The net crankshaft torque on the speed of Planetary reduction travel (gearbox) of a pumping unit is pressure angle results in increased gear dedendum strength, plus the ability to withstand heavy shock loads. Compact, torque dense design. Modular, Lowering Ratio‎: ‎5:1 – 1400:1. and Areas of expertise include gear noise reduction, gear developing sourcing, program … Wind strength speed of Planetary reduction drive planetary drives 10KW to at least one 1.5MW. The main featurs are as followings:
Decrease the speed and improve the output torque as well. The torque end result ratio is multiplied by the engine output and the reduction ratio, but it should be observed that the rated torque of the gear reduction drive cannot be exceeded.
The speed simultaneously reduces the inertia of the strain, and the reduced amount of the inertia is the sq . of the reduction ratio. You can view that the overall motor comes with an inertia benefit. Ever-Power planetary gear models are split into 21 basic groups according to the torque and The wide range of end result shafts and flanges simplifies the reduction stages.
Types of gear lowering travel : Planetary, spur and exceptional gearheads specifically suitable for the brushless and brushed DC drives by Ever-Power. Also customized. with The first toothed equipment (pinion) is mounted on the electric motor shaft. The bearing of the outcome shaft is usually manufactured from … Reduction ratio of 6:1 to 5752:1. Low noise level. Huge efficiency. General gear reduction drive has helical gear reduction drive (which includes parallel shaft helical gear reduction drive , worm gear reduction drive , bevel gear reduction travel , etc.), planetary reduction travel , cycloid gear reduction travel , worm gear reduction travel , planetary friction type mechanical stepless speed changer, etc.
Compact design for conserving space is obtainable with collinear source and output. Multiple decrease ratio is offered with combination of various planetary reduction drive. Setting up some product selection with installation flanges and lowering sleeves. All our Consumers trust us as their recommended partner for gear and planetary drive engineering.
-Types of common equipment reduction drive, Based on the latest design and examination technology, Hyosung Heavy Industries designs and manufactures equipment boxes for steel, electrical power, cement, rubber. A fresh compact design of three-level differential cycloidal planetary equipment drive based on the idea of the so-called RV-of Planetary reduction travel is proposed. Our planetary equipment, Wolfrom gear train, reduction gear, regulation …. valuable asset, as the output shaft stops as soon as power is lower to the travel, assembly is provided with a ring gear (16) and a sun gear … Gear (28) is usually a flanged extension of sunshine equipment (12) which drives pinions (14).
The main feature of the worm gear reduction drive is that it includes a reverse self-locking function and will have a big reduction ratio. The suggestions shaft and the result shaft are not on a single axis, nor on a single plane. However, the quantity is normally large, the transmission proficiency isn’t high, and the reliability is not high.
Harmonic transmission of harmonic gear reduction drive is normally the usage of adaptable deformation controllable elastic deformation to transmit motion and power, small volume, great precision, however the disadvantage is certainly that adaptable wheel life is bound, not impact resistant, rigid and steel parts Relatively poor. The insight speed cannot be too high.
Precision planetary reduction travel has the features of compact structure, small return clearance, high accuracy, long service your life and large rated output torque. But the price is a little more expensive.
Inline and right position execution up to 4 reduction stages, Ever-Power selection of mixer drives will be planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements .
Planetary gear reduction drivePlanetary reduction drive
Planetary reduction servo travel is the weight of the gear transmission device of Planetary reduction servo drive. In general, the pounds of li yi’s mechanical and electric gear has a great relationship using its material and heat therapy hardness.For instance, at the same power, the weight of the carburized hardened gear will be about 1/3 of the weight of the tempered gear.Therefore, based on the structural features of Planetary reduction drive and the strain nature of gears, hardtooth surface gears ought to be greatly used.There are several heat treatment methods to obtain gear with hard tooth surface, such as for example surface quenching, overall quenching, carburizing quenching, nitriding, etc., which should be selected in line with the characteristics of Planetary reduction drive.
Chinese identity Planetary reduction servo drive used for Planetary reduction servo drive gear drive weight reduction ratio of input speed and output speed ratio.Number of models of planetary gears
1 product advantages
2 product parameters
3 materials and heat treatment
4 installation steps
5 surface hardening
Product advantage editor
It really is compact structure, small return clearance, high accuracy, long service life, rated output torque can do a lot.But it’s a bit more high-priced.Planetary reduction drive is normally found in limited space when the need for an increased torque, that is, small volume large torque, and its reliability and life are better than spur Planetary reduction drive.Spur Planetary reduction drive can be used for low current usage, low noise and large efficiency and low cost applications.Planetary reduction drive is characterized by small size, large output torque, substantial transmission efficiency, provided that there are these requirements can be used
Product parameter editing
Full load efficiency: transmission efficiency of of Planetary lowering drive under optimum load (result torque of fault prevent).
Working your life: the cumulative working time of Planetary reduction travel at rated load and rated source speed.
Rated torque: it’s the torque that the rated life allows for long running time.When the output speed is 100 r/min, the life of Planetary reduction drive is the average life, above this value, the average life of Planetary reduction travel will be reduced.Planetary reduction travel fails when the output torque exceeds twice.
Edit materials and heat treatment
The weight of the Planetary reduction servo travel planetary gear transmission device is normally proportional to the weight of the gear, and the weight of the apparatus includes a great relationship with the materials and heat treatment hardness.For instance, at the same electricity, the fat of the carburized hardened gear will be about 1/3 of the pounds of the tempered equipment.Therefore, in line with the structural qualities of Planetary reduction drive and the load nature of gears, hardtooth surface gears should be extensively used.There are several heat treatment solutions to obtain gear with hard tooth surface, such as surface quenching, overall quenching, carburizing quenching, nitriding, etc., which should be selected according to the characteristics of Planetary lowering drive.
In Planetary reduction drive family, the Planetary reduction drive with its small size, substantial transmission efficiency, extensive reduction range, large precision various advantages, and is widely used in servo, stepping, dc and different tranny systems.Its function is in the premise of ensuring precision transmission, mainly used to reduce the rotation swiftness and increase torque and reduce the load/engine rotational inertia ratio.As a way to help nearly all users to make good usage of the Planetary reduction drive, this paper analyzes the causes of Planetary reduction travel and the drive electric motor shaft breaking, and introduces at length how to properly install the Planetary reduction drive.
Right installation, use and maintenance of of Planetary reduction drive is an important link to ensure the standard operation of mechanical equipment.As a result, when you install the Planetary reduction drive, make sure you be certain to strictly follow the next installation related matters, carefully assemble and use.
The initial step is to verify whether the electric motor and Planetary reduction travel are intact before installation, and strictly check if the size of each part linked with the motor and Planetary reduction travel matches, this is actually the size of the positioning boss, input shaft and Planetary reduction drive groove of the motor and matching tolerance.
The next step is to unscrew the screw on the outer dustproof hole of Planetary reduction travel flange, modify the clamping ring of PCS system to align the medial side hole with the dustproof hole, insert the inner hexagon to tighten.After that, remove the motor shaft keys.
Surface hardening editing
Common area quenching methods are high-frequency quenching (for little gears) and flame quenching (for significant gears).The top hardened layer is most effective when it features the base of the tooth root.The common material for surface quenching is steel whose mass fraction of carbon is approximately 0.35%~0.5%. The hardness of tooth surface can reach 45~55HRC.
Connection setting between of Planetary decrease drive and servo electric motor: holding mode – outcome shaft of servo electric motor extends into of Planetary decrease drive, servo motor and Planetary reduction drive are connected by flange. You will find a deformable hoop in Planetary decrease drive. By functioning the locking screw on Planetary reduction travel, the hoop can tighten the axis of the servo electric motor (the author includes a 0.75KW servo electric motor with this connection). And so for this connection method, servo motors do not require keyway (of lessons, keyway can also be, but ordering keyway servo motors needs Money and delivery time are longer yo @ @). Some sort of
Connecting mode of_of Planetary decrease drive and servo motor: Connecting through exterior coupling. This connection method uses exterior coupling, so it needs servo electrical and keyway. External coupling may also use flexible coupling (flexible shaft) – soft shaft drive power generally does not exceed 5.5KW, speed may reach 20000 rpm. Some sort of
Generally speaking, the servo motors without brakes and keyways are the most used and the Ever-Power may be the largest. For that reason, to order the servo motors with brakes and keyways, the delivery period is longer, about 4 weeks.
Planetary reduction travel in the application of the process you will see some noise, the emergence of the noise, how exactly to deal with it?
The noise of Planetary reduction drive is mainly due to the friction, vibration and collision of the transmission gears. How exactly to properly reduce and decrease the noise to create it more good requirements of environmental coverage is also an integral research topic at home and overseas.Reducing the apparatus transmission noises of Planetary reduction travel has become a crucial research issue in the industry. Many scholars in the home and abroad regard the change of gear tooth engagement stiffness in equipment transmission as the key factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noises.By modifying the form, the dynamic load and velocity fluctuation are minimized to reduce the noise.This technique has became more effective used.But with this technique, the process needs to have shape modification equipment, the majority of small factories often can’t be implemented.
Planetary reduction drive is a kind of of Planetary reduction drive, what’s the transmission structure of planetary gear?Let’s have a look.
A planetary gear includes a sun steering wheel, a planetary steering wheel, and a gear band, wherein the planetary wheel is supported by a fixed axis of the planetary framework, allowing the planetary wheel to rotate on the assisting axis.The planetary wheel, the sun wheel and the gear ring are in regular meshing state.
Located in the guts of the planetary equipment transmission mechanism is the sun wheel, the sun wheel and the earth wheel often engage, two external equipment meshing rotation direction is usually opposite.Just as sunlight is at the center of the solar system, the solar wheel is known as because of its location.Gear band is the inner gear, it and the planet wheel often meshing, is the inner tooth and the outer gear meshing, the rotation direction between your two may be the same.The quantity of planetary gear will depend on the design load of the Planetary reduction travel, usually three or four, the more the number of bear the load is greater.
The above is the Planetary reduction drive gear transmission structure of the primary content.
Planetary speed of Planetary reduction drive is definitely a kind of speed of Planetary reduction drive, then, the planetary speed of Planetary reduction drive in the process of using the cause of the shaft break what?Let’s take a look.
1. The wrong type assortment causes insufficient end result torque of the Planetary reduction drive.
Some users in the model selection, mistakenly given that the selected rated outcome torque Planetary reduction drive to meet up the work requirements could be, in fact, it is not, one may be the rated output torque of the electric motor rated output torque circumstances deceleration ratio, the value obtained in principle should be less than the product sample to provide similar Planetary reduction drive rated result torque.The other is to consider the overload capacity of the drive electric motor and the maximum operating torque required used.
2. Along the way of acceleration and deceleration, the instantaneous torque borne by the outcome shaft of the Planetary lowering drive exceeds two times of its rated output torque, and these kinds of acceleration and deceleration is certainly too frequent, that will eventually make Planetary reduction travel break the shaft.
Theoretically, the utmost operating torque required simply by the user must be significantly less than two times the rated output torque of the Planetary reduction drive, especially in a few applications must strictly adhere to this criterion.This is not only to protect the Planetary reduction drive, but also to prevent the output shaft of Planetary reduction drive from being twisted off.The main reason is that, when there is a problem in equipment installation, the output shaft of the Planetary reduction drive and its load are stuck, the overload capacity of the traveling motor will still make it constantly improve the output force, which may cause the force of the output bearing of the Planetary reduction drive to exceed its rated output torque 2 times and therefore twist the output shaft of the Planetary reduction drive.
Precision planetary reduction drive
Product Description:
There are two main types in line with the output direction: straight type and proper angle type; Planetary equipment systems are used to perform speed reduction due to significant torque. to predict gear noise from a back wheel drive programmed transmission.
There are usually three types according to the number of stages: one-stage deceleration (generally significantly less than 10:1), two-stage deceleration (generally greater than 10:1 and less than or add up to 100:1), and three-stage deceleration (significant reduction ratio is 100) :1, the overall division principle is greater than 100:1);
According to the purpose: army and civilian;According to the operating environment: regular environment, low temperatures environment, clean space environment and vacuum environment;
Our speed of Planetary reduction drive planetary gear for heavy-duty applications, including; conveyers, cranes, crawlers, and excavators. With the Ever-Electric power mountain drive you get additional suprisingly low gears which enable you get climb the many extreme torque Gears: 1:1 and 2.5:1 reduction gear ratio.
The initial step is to verify whether the electric motor and Planetary reduction drive are in good shape before installation, and strictly check whether the size of every part linked with the engine and Planetary reduction drive is matched. Listed below are the size and complementing tolerance of the positioning boss, suggestions shaft and Planetary lowering drive groove of the motor.
Step two 2: unscrew the screw on the external dustproof hole of of Planetary lowering drive flange, adapt the clamping band of PCS program to align the side hole with the dustproof hole, insert the internal hexagon to tighten.From then on, remove the motor shaft keys.
The third step is to connect the electric motor with Planetary reduction travel by natural means.The concentricity of the output shaft of Planetary reduction travel and the input shaft of the motor must be constant when connected, and the outer flange of both should be parallel.If the concentricity isn’t consistent, the motor shaft will be broken or of Planetary decrease drive gear wear.
Furthermore, in the installation, usually do not use hammer and different blows, avoid the axial force or radial force an excessive amount of damage to the bearing or gear.Make sure you tighten the mounting bolt before tightening the drive bolt.Before installation, wipe away the anti-corrosion oil of motor input shaft, positioning boss and connecting part of of Planetary reduction drive with gasoline or zinc-sodium water.Its goal is to ensure tight connection and versatility of operation, preventing unnecessary deterioration.
Before the motor and Planetary lowering drive are connected, the motor shaft keyway ought to be perpendicular to the tightening bolt.To ensure a uniform force, first screw the installation bolts at any diagonal position, but usually do not screw restricted, then screw the installation bolts at the other two diagonal positions, and finally screw the four unit installation bolts one at a time.Finally, tighten the force bolt.All tightening bolts shall be fixed and checked by the torque plate hand in line with the indicated torque data.
Accurate installation between of Planetary reduction drive and mechanical tools is the same as accurate installation between of Planetary reduction travel and drive electric motor.The main element is to make certain that the output shaft of Planetary reduction travel and the drive portion of the shaft concentricity.
servo electric motor of Planetary reduction drive Planetary reduction travel of Planetary reduction travel rated input increase to 18000 RPM (about of Planetary reduction travel itself size, the higher the swiftness of Planetary reduction drive, small the rated input velocity) above, industrial-grade servo motor of Planetary reduction travel output torque is normally not more than 2000 nm, special significant torque servo electric motor of Planetary reduction drive can do more than 10000 nm. Working heat range in 25 ℃ to 100 ℃ roughly, by changing the grease can transform its working temperatures.Planetary reduction drive: the main transmission structure can be: planetary wheel, solar wheel, outer gear ring.Compared with additional reduction gear, servo motor reduction gear has excessive rigidity, high precision (solo stage can achieve less than 1 level),(double stage can perform less than 3 things), high transmission efficiency (single stage in 95-99%), high torque/volume ratio, life maintenance free features.Because of these characteristics, servo engine of Planetary reduction drive is mostly installed in the stepper engine and servo motor or perhaps brushless electric motor, used to reduce the speed, enhance the torque, matching inertia.Ranked input speed of servo motor of Planetary reduction travel can reach up to 18000rpm(related to how big is Planetary reduction drive itself.